Dixon Family

“CHATEAU SCHOOL is beautiful to look at and a beautiful place for children to grow. The teachers are kind and loving to all the children. The boys learn so much without even realizing that they are learning. Everyday, they surprise us with how much they know.”

Alfie 3 years old + Felix 2 years old

Flynn Family

“The teachers are wonderfully calm, nurturing and encouraging! The atmosphere at CHATEAU SCHOOL affords the children the space to learn and grow. The calendar and schedule strikes the perfect balance to learn and play between reason and passion, chaos and order.”

Mya Joy 2 years old

Hashimoto Family

“Everything is A R T at CHATEAU SCHOOL! This school offers an experience to children they won’t find anywhere else. I love the colors, concept and teachers!”

Lily 2 years old

Hutt Family

“Our 3 years at CHATEAU SCHOOL was precious and special period of our lifetime. Children learning about the world through extraordinary unique concept and all year party events, we were fascinated every time coming to this dream school. We never experienced anything like this for school before. We wish this super unique school to expand worldwide.”

Apple 5 years old

Maniwa Family

“This is a place that children realize the diversity of people in the world through the experimentation of global diplomacy and learn the value of cultures. The school is full of love. We feel the love from children. The school values every character and it is hard to find a school that teaches the joy of learning. We are very grateful we discovered CHATEAU SCHOOL.”

Sara Grace 4 years old

Nishiyama Family

“This is a one of a kind concept and style that we are very happy to discover. It experiments many different countries. The space of the school is stylish and mixed age learning is wonderful. The teachers and moms are very chic!”

Kanta 3 years old

Ono Family

“A place of freedom. We love the ambience and playful environment of a mixed age group.”

Shosuke 2 years old

Nishiyama Family

“Children are allowed to focus on what they love.”

Takahide 2 years old

Sakai Family

“Stylish school. The teachers are lovely.”

Haruki 1 year old