CHATEAU SCHOOL is designed to inspire creativity with its sophisticated architecture and beautiful interior design. With its base colors of silver, grey, white and lavender the school is aptly named ‘Jewel Box’. Star ribbons and flower garlands adorn every floor creating an original environment in which to learn. Materials and supplies used at CHATEAU SCHOOL are carefully selected to harmonize with this unique space.



CHATEAU SCHOOL offers two lunch options: a hot organic lunch that can be ordered online or a bring-your-own-lunch alternative. The online order lunch is 100% organic and created by LUCA DELI. You can select from 3 menus per day and everything is served warm. The lunch is personalised in case of allergies. Bring-your-own-lunches are all warmed up by the school staff. *CHATEAU SCHOOL serves fresh mineral water during lunchtime and throughout the day.



CHATEAU SCHOOL has a uniform based on the school’s color palette of silver, grey, lavender and white. The selected fabrics, threads and weaving methods require the techniques and skills of the best artisans’ craftsmanship in Tokyo. For children to move around easily, the fabrics are either 100% cotton or made with stretch material. The unique and flattering designs allow CHATEAU SCHOOL Diplomats to be easily identified, especially during field trips.



Every child is given a CHATEAU SCHOOL PASSPORT which is stamped for daily check-in and check-out. Each passport is personalized with the child’s photo and ID information.



At CHATEAU SCHOOL, teachers are called “Ambassadors”. Coming from all over the world, they serve as inspirational mentors for the students at the school, speak more than 2 languages and have special skills that contribute to CHATEAU SCHOOL’s World Diplomacy programme. During World Diplomacy classes, they provide their own creative skills to innovate daily and also have the ability to draw on their diverse backgrounds to contribute to the sessions.

* The medium of instruction is English



CHATEAU SCHOOL provides several types of reports to keep track of children’s individual performances and skills:

  • A digital DAILY JOURNAL featuring 6 photos of your child and a summary of activities is produced on a daily basis.


  • A digital WEEKLY NEWSLETTER featuring a group report with photos is mailed out every Friday.


  • An END OF TERM REVIEW BOOKLET is an in-depth review of your child’s performance and academic progress.





A special door-to-door school bus service, from either home or workplace, can also be provided. Additional fees apply. Contact us for more information.