CHATEAU SCHOOL is committed to a positive “peace of mind” learning environment and professional academic administration. CHATEAU SCHOOL would like every child, parent and guardian to fully understand the below before applying. The entry to CHATEAU SCHOOL includes an agreement to below in advance.


CHATEAU SCHOOL requires to receive a withdrawal notice in writing in the event of withdrawal from the school or cancellation of a confirmed place. Once an invoice is issued without receiving the written withdrawal form before the withdrawal deadline, the school reserves the right to charge the full amount listed on the invoice. The deadline to confirm the withdrawal is November 15 for priority booking (Invoice out on December 1) and January 15 for regular booking (Invoice out on February 1). For entry with deposit, the withdrawal deadline is before the full term.


The School is designed to offer the fullest learning opportunity to children during the most effective period of early education. We request each applicant to understand the purpose of 5 days per week learning. For prekinder children, 2-3 days a week option is available. The School cannot evaluate the End of Term Review booklet for children not completing the 5 days a week attendance. The same condition may apply to the Recommendation Letter.


The School’s main objective is to educate children on the value of diversity and multiculturalism. The admission is controlled by the International Ratio Policy to ensure the school environment is diversified. We welcome any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities. We also ask all children and families to understand our school as one positive community to help each other.