Chateau School

Welcome To Our Admission

CHATEAU SCHOOL is committed to a positive learning environment and professional academic administration. CHATEAU SCHOOL would like every child, parent and guardian to fully understand the CHATEAU RULES (Parent-School Contract) before applying.

Chateau School

Academic Commitment

CHATEAU SCHOOL is designed to offer the fullest learning opportunity to children during the most effective period of early education. We request each applicant to understand the purpose of 5 days per week learning. For Pre-Kinder children (0-2 years old), 2-3 days a week option is available. For Kindergarten children (3-6 years old), 5 days a week is mandatory.

Chateau School

Diversity Commitment

CHATEAU SCHOOL's main objective is to educate children on the value of diversity and multiculturalism. The admission ensures the school environment is diversified. We welcome any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities. We also ask all children and families to understand our school as one positive community to help each other.

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Tuition & Fees

Registration ¥200,000 (One time only)
School ¥200,000 / Month*
Club ¥50,000 / Month* Limited to School children

Other Fees

Door to Door School Bus & Van ¥25,000 / Month
School Uniform Set ¥120,000 / Annual
Building Maintenance ¥100,000 / Annual
100% Organic Lunch ¥680 / Day
Holiday Nursery ¥1,500 / Hour
Holiday Nursery School Bus & Van ¥2,000 / Day

* Payment is made by term (3 month), or annual (12 months)
* We require 1 full year commitment to attend
* For termly payment, 1 full term tuition (3 months) deposit is required
* Deposit it is fully refundable when a child is leaving after completing 3 continuous terms attendance and a written withdrawal request form was submitted before each submission deadline
* Registration Fee is non-refundable
* School Tuition & Club Fees are non-refundable unless withdrawal request form was received by the office before each withdrawal form submission deadline
* Price is subject to change without prior notice
* Tax included

★ All tuition & fees must be paid by the payment deadline indicated on the digital invoice